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Ajay Prabhu

Quest Global
Dr. Ajay Prabhu is QuEST Global’s Chief Operating Officer. As COO, Ajay drives Global Delivery and Operations. His commitment to operational excellence and people development has fueled QuEST’s Growth from 250 employees in 2002 (when he joined QuEST) to its present workforce of over 12,000+ employees.
Ajay has been instrumental in conceptualizing and implementing the Local-Global Delivery Platform which powers QuEST's solutions delivery to its customers worldwide. He has instituted business processes that have helped QuEST achieve CMMI Level 5, PCMM Level 3, AS9100 and various ISO Certifications.
Ajay is the Chair for NASSCOM ER&D Council and driving a vision to create $100B industry by 2025.

As an Angel Investor Ajay is keen to use his experience to help startups across industries.

Ajay is passionate about education for the underprivileged and he has been helping many to gain access to higher education.

Ajay believes 21st century logic is ‘AND’. It’s about Strategy-and-Tactics, Short-and-Long term, Growth-and-Profit, Benefit-and-Cost, Present-and-Future, Capability-and-Capacity, Local-and-Global.

In his own words, "People hold the key to making a modern organization excel in its market place. A good blend of people-process-technology, in varying measures at different stages of business life-cycle, is the magic potion to developing a high-growth organization.

In today's organizations, people don't need employment; people need employability. People don't need a job to do, but a platform to perform. It is not about employee satisfaction, nor is it employee engagement. It's about 'Joy of Work’."